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Sis Boom Louey Boxer
for children sizes 6/12m - 11/12y

The Louey boxer is named for Carla's boy, who has grown up watching mom work with Sis Boom fabrics.  After seeing one girlie confection after another go out the door, Lou is thrilled to have a drawer full of these ultra-cool unisex shorts.  Ask Lou and he'll tell you that he can do anything in his Sis Boom boxers; climb trees, run forever in the back yard, help mom plant her garden, or (on the rare occasion) take a nap.  They are great shorts for the super-man or super-girl lifestyle.  The shorts can be made in a range of lengths, and there are several options for finishing the fly.  The single piece seat is perfect for customization - in fact, we’ve included a bonus alphabet and applique instructions. Make up this quick and easy pattern in hundreds of Sis Boom fabric choices.  Make them today, but don't be late for school!

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